lucrecia black

It is our standard brand with high quality levels. Achieving excellence and meeting the needs of our customers are VEFRUBER priority objectives. That is why we strive for integrating a system of total quality in each and every one of the processes in which our products are involved.

Each of our brands demands from producers, transporters and its various partners high levels of excellence and a extreme quality standards, in line with our brand image, corporate culture and with both qualitative and quantitative effort that VEFRUBER performing year after year .

In this way the farmer will always have at their disposal a comprehensive, personalized and daily counseling, in order to get a high quality product by applying advanced techniques and strict controls to prevent the presence of residues, for this we work with approved laboratories, where production of all associated farms are examined.

Furthermore we incorporate the latest technology to product manufacturing processes to computerized monitoring fruits and vegetables from the countryside in its handling in warehouses until the arrival to markets.


"Our objective is to guarantee an impeccable product quality."