About Us

VEFRUBER, is a company deeply rooted in the fruits and vegetables markets .It was founded in 1994 by professionals with a long history in the horticultural sector within the region of Berja (Almería) and emerged in response to the need for a competent distributor to take responsibility for supplying a market demand that sought out a reference of quality.

VEFRUBER has been supplying these markets with excellent results for more than 15 years, results that have meant continued growth, but it is our customers that have given us a reputation as a serious company, one that guarantees the highest quality products at the most competitive prices

VEFRUBER has a specialised technical department that provides information and training concerning cultivation systems, quality controls in their respective greenhouses and constant care of product selection.

This ensures that the farmers with whom we work have at their disposal comprehensive and personalised advice that is available daily thus guaranteeing top quality products achieved through the application of advanced techniques and strict controls that eliminate the presence of waste residuals. For this, we work with certified laboratories, where all aspects of the farms production associated with VEFRUBER are examined.

Furthermore, we incorporate the latest technology in the products manufacturing process to fully track the quality control of the fruits and vegetables from the field, through its distribution centres up until it has arrived in its market of destination.

"Our objective is to guarantee an impeccable product quality."

VEFRUBER, bet on a rigorous quality control of all its products in response to the demands of consumers, retailers and their global suppliers.

For this, the company has a specialised quality department that works daily to achieve our objective of ensuring the highest quality of all products, as well as for the welfare of our clients, adapting to the demands of domestic and international markets.

"Our objective is to guarantee an impeccable product quality."